Core Fitness Circuit Class

If you only have one hour a week for exercise, this circuit class is perfect for you.


During this circuit class you will work your way around 14 exercise stations which are designed to challenge you in different ways. Each station is set up so that you never work the same muscle group twice in a row; this means you can push yourself to your maximum at each station knowing you will be fresh for the next one. 

The Core Fitness Circuit Class uses a wide range of equipment to work every muscle in your body. Both your strength and endurance will be challenged during the hour long session. Each week new exercises are introduced to keep your workout fresh, exciting and enjoyable.

You do not have to be fit to attend this class. Each exercise station has variations and lighter or heavier weights so you can work at your own level. 


  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve muscular strength and endurance
  • Fun and varied workouts
  • Exercise as a group

When and Where?

Every Monday at 6am at 

Platinum Performance Centre,

Unit 3/2B Spott Road Industrial Estate

East Lothian, 

United Kingdom 

EH42 1RS